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Philadlephia Boathouse Row

2017 US Masters  Open WG4x

updated    April 11

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April 11
2019 SAN DIEGO CREW CLASSIC     San Diego, April 6

For the 5th year, Long Beach RA won their 8+ in San Diego.
They handily beat Chinook!!!!!!

MI members: JoanP, SueH, Jackie, AnneS, GraceM
HEAD OF THE SCHUYKILL,  Philadelphia  Oct 27, 2019

W60+ coxed Four    1st pl     

AnneB, AnnJ, Kay (cox), SueT-H, MarieJ

W60+ Eight    1st pl

Heather (cox), KarenA, AnnJ, Helen, Eileen, Eleanor, Marsha, GraceT,

missing: AnneB

Feb 14
2018 FISA Masters Regatta, Sarasota, FLA    Oct 14-17

Catherine  mixE8+, WF4x, WG1x
CarinR  mixF4x, WE2x, WE4x, WG2x
AnneB  mixF4x, WE2x, WE8+, WF2x
JoanP  WE2-, WF2-, WF2x, WF4x, WG4+
Elizabeth (Wispy)  WE2-, WF2-, WF2x, WE4x
RachelG WG4+, mixG8+, mixI8+
JudyD  WI4-, WI4+, WI8+, mixI8+
MaryB  WI4-, WI4+, WI8+

Lucy  WI8+, mixI8+

KarenA  WE4x, WE8+

Marsha  WE8+

AnnC  WG4+

SueT-H  WG4+

Kay WI4+

Jan  WI8+

Cicily  WI8+

Margie  WI8+

Sunny   WI8+

GraceT  WH4x

2018 US Masters, Oakland CA
Aug 16-19, 2018

WF4x   1st place
Elizabeth (Wispy)    2nd from left
CatherineW   on right
Feb 14
2018 EuroMasters, Munich, Germany      July 26-29
AnneB  WF4+, mixF8+WF2-, WF2x, WF4x, WF8+
Catherine  mixF8+, mixG8+, WF4x, WG4x, WG8+
Helen   WH4+
SusanB  mixD8+, WE8+
AnneS  mixG8+
Elizabeth (Wispy)  WF2-
GraceM  WF8+
2017 US Masters  -  light WH4x