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2017 US Masters  - WH8+
updated   Oct 19
Oct 19
Received a "care package" from RachelG today!!!!!  Many thanks to all of you who signed the card and sent me get well wishes. Recovery is ongoing but will take a while.  Lower back is still sensitive, no heavy lifting  and running yet, and nerve pain in left leg is improving only slowly. But I have started working out but well below my old level.  It is amazing how much is lost in 5 months! Also thanks for the group gift and individual trinkets.
July 20   MORE SAD NEWS!!!!!!!!  enthusiastic MI member Penelope has died
Penelope (P*) '35  USA (2006-2009)
With a sad heart, Penelope had to give up rowing because of nerve damage in her arm. She was all set to row with us at the 2010 FISA Masters in St. Catharines
It was a shock to hear that P* died on July 16, only 2 months after we talked about her rowing experiences with MI at FISA and US Masters. She also wanted a certain photo of her Camden 4- to incorporate in one of her glass works.

Our MI and MastersUSA women
when they reach the
"L" (90+) category
at FISA Masters
and US Masters

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Problem with the seat on your Concept2?

Here is a new seat pad to help with sore lower backs:
SAD NEWS!  Jack Sholl '25, who rowed mixed with us for many years has died in late spring after a very long battle with cancer.  He will be missed by all of us who knew him personally.  Always enthusiastic...willing to sit in whatever boat needed a rower....creating team spirit in all his crews....loved rowing mixed with MI.
His wife Joan was an official at many regattas, including US Masters and annually at FISA Masters. It was always reassuring to hear her calming voice at the starting line.
Here is a good article about Jack in US Rowing
2017 US Masters - Open WF4-