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Philadlephia Boathouse Row

2015 US Masters  Open WF4x

updated    Nov 4

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Nov 4


Philadelphia, PA

Oct 28 & 29

Women's Masters Four 60+

1st place





Kay (cox)

Women's Masters Four 60+    1st place

Sujin (cox), Helen, AnnJ, Marsha, Eileen, Karin, KarenA, Eleanor, AnneB

Women's Masters Quad 60+    2nd place

Marilyn, Karin, KarenA,. Helen

Oct 26

HEAD OF THE CHARLES, Boston, Oct 21 & 22

AnneB     3rd place  50+ Women's Four

Marisha     1st place   40+ Women's Eight

AnneS-C      1st place   60+ Women's Double

Nov 4

Head of the Fish, Saratoga Springs, NY  Oct 28 & 29

Women's Masters 1x 60+

Catherine   1st place

WORLD MASTERS GAMES,  New Zealand, April  2017
Sprint Triathlon    SueH (center)   1st place




1st Place
WF8+:  JoanP, SueH
WG8+:  JoanP, Helen, SueH, Jackie
WG4x:  JoanP, SueH
WG2x:  SueH
WE4-:   Jackie

2nd Place

WG4+:  Helen, Jackie

WG2x:  Jackie, Anne-S-C

WF4+:  JoanP

mixF-G8+:  SueH, JoanP, Jackie

mixF-G4x:  SueH

3rd Place
WE2x:  AnneS-C
WG4x:  Helen, AnneS-C
WG4-:  Helen, AnneS-C, SueH, Jackie
           (steering mechanism did not work!)
mixH-K2x:  Helen
mixF-G4x:  JoanP

Mile Run Trail Challenge, PA
April 1
13 miles (21 km), 4,000 foot (1219 m) elevation gain

Karin     3:31:35    15.4 min/mile
2nd in 60+ category

SILVERSKIFF    Turin, Italy   
Nov 13

Cat F:
CatherineW  54.06 (left)
2nd place
Peninsula Indoor Rowing Championships,  Redwood City, CA  Jan 29

JoanP qualified for CRASH-B with a 7:48.
However she will not go since she will be
rowing at the World Masters Games in
NZ in April
  Women's Masters 4x   1st place  SusanB (right)

Nov 6
SusanB (left)   mixMasters4x     2nd place
 (would have won without buoy violation)

W1x  60-64  3rd


W1x  75-79  1st


WD8+  1st place

GraceM (2nd from left)

WH2x    1st

Sara, BarbaraH

52nd HEAD OF THE CHARLES,  Boston        Oct 22 & 23
1x Vet I (60-64)CatherineW  3rd  (MI & MastersUSA), LauraS-A  5th  (MI & MastersUSA), also: BarbaraJ (MI & MastersUSA), JoanP (MastersUSA)
1x Vet II (65-69):     MarieH  1st (MI), JillG  2nd (MI),   also: Maryanne (MI), LizM (MI & MastersUSA), SharonC (MastersUSA)
1x Senior Vet I (70-74):     MJ  4th (MI & MastersUSA), Ellen  3rd (MastersUSA)
1x Senior Vet II (75-79):    Jan  1st (MI & MastersUSA), PeggyS  2nd (MastersUSA),   also: RuthB (MastersUSA)
1x Senior Masters:     Eleanor (MastersUSA), Roseann (MastersUSA)
Eight 50-59:      1st:  Antonella (MI), KatrinG (MI), RachelA (MI), GraceM (MI & MastersUSA) 
                         5th:  Cori (MastersUSA),   also: Nomi (MastersUSA)
Eight 60-69:      1st:  Evelyn (MI), ClaudiaSch (MI)   
                         2nd: SueH (MI & MastersUSA), Jackie (MI & MastersUSA), AnnJ (MI & MastersUSA), JudyG (MI), CarlieG (MI)  
                         also: JudyK (MI & MastersUSA), AnnC (MI & MastersUSA), MaryC-B (MI & MastersUSA), Marilyn (MI & MastersUSA),
(MI & MastersUSA), GraceT-O (MastersUSA), SusanC (MastersUSA), Kay (MastersUSA)
Eight 40+:  1st   Marisha (MastersUSA)
Four 50+ :    2nd  AnneB (MI & MastersUSA), also DianeW (MI & MastersUSA), Hawley, cox (MI & MastersUSA)
Four 40+:    4th:  Kris (MI)
2x  50-59:    Tracy (MastersUSA)
2x Grandmasters 60-69:   AnneS-C (MI & MastersUSA)
2x Veteran 70+:   1st   BarbaraH (MI)
Directors Challenge 4x:  2nd  Antonella  (MI)
                                      3rd  AnneB  (MI & MastersUSA), Tracy (MastersUSA)                 
2015 US Masters  -  Open WF4+